Umbral Leaves

The tenets of Zon-Kuthon’s faith are detailed in this grisly book, written in blood on pages of flayed skin.


“Look upon all flesh as a canvas for your works of pain.”
“Revel in envy, pain, darkness, and lies, my children”
“Cross the world with lash and chain and cruel laughter!”
“Praise to the wounded pale man!”
“Delicious pleasure comes in hideous pain.”
“Come forth, oh herald, oh Prince in Chains”
“And the worthy shall meet with Dominik the Unquenchable, who eats and drinks without end.”
“Vreet-Hall, slice your eyes and pour forth more horrid hatred”

[Herein is contained instructions for the careful cleaning and masking of wounds] {+2 equipment bonus to Heal checks}

“Start your day in sexual gratification to stay yourself until night falls again.”
“Understand dominance and submission, and one can conquer any.”
“Endure pain until it is pleasure, for the glory of Zon-Kuthon.”

[Herein is a description of a “scream choir”, a group of surgically altered slaves who can only sing a single note when “played” by a “torturer-conductor”]

{Divine Scroll} …to transfer your delight to another… [Seems as if the words are brands on this page of skin]

[The following pages detail techniques of torture] {+2 equipment bonus to Profession(torturer)}

{Arcane Scroll} Protect From the Holy

{Arcane Scroll} Flensing

{Arcane Scroll} Shattering Word

{Diving Scroll} Touch of Pleasure

[Herein are detail on how to make a spiked corset]

“Remember the Joymaking” [A description of a holy day when extraneous flesh is amputated from a willing victim]
Holy Day: The Eternal Kiss “Pamper your enemy for 6 days, and on the rest of his nights… torture”

Please return to Montagnie Crewl, professor of antiquities at Lepidstadt University. My notes start here. – PL

  • This lexicon first came to prominence in 4694 during the trial of Montague Brant in the city of Ardis. Charged and subsequently found guilty of heresy, Brant was burned alive with his blasphemous library serving as kindling for the purification pyre.
  • This particular copy is noteworthy as it is bound in human skin ans is rumored to be cursed of haunted in some way.
  • How this book escaped the flame is still unknown, but I have heard rumor that the notorious necromancer Joseph von Neus magicked it from the fire.
  • This is the assumption as this book was, of course, sold to a collector of the esoteric in Caliphas, Dr. Herman Block, by a group of adventurers who moved von Neus to the Boneyard and found the tome in his collection. Block was found skinned in his manse in 4707.

Umbral Leaves

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