Serving Your Hunger

Serving Your Hunger is one of the unholy and profane texts of the goddess Urgathoa, goddess of undeath and disease.

Your gluttony
Your disease
Your undeath

All for the Pallid Princess

“Seize what you can, tear it apart, and savor its sweet bloody taste.”
“Despite the consequences to others, throw off the natural order and claim your own desires.”
“Do not imagine the taste of the brain of an infant-experience it.”
“Be a faithful servant, my priestess, and you shall have the honor of being called my Daughter.”
“If I am pleased, common food shall be divine. If I am angered, it shall be of ash.”
“And my herald shall be Mother’s Maw, and the skull shall carry with it flies and maggots for my pleasure.”
“And my people shall know my servants – Barasthangas, Fjarn, Olix”
“Crush my enemies and feed on them… those of Sarenrae and ”/campaign/cooper-carrion-crown/wikis/pharasma" class=“wiki-page-link”> Pharasma!"
“Protect those yearning for undeath, for their rapid propagation pleases me.”
“In the absence of the stars and moon shall my servant find strength”

{Divine Scroll} …to spread the feast and invite one to consume…

“Now is the time to reap the next harvest”

{Divine Prayer} Consume

{Arcane Scroll} Urgathoa’s Blessing

{Arcane Scroll} Eternal Hunger

[Herein is described how to create a magic item in Urgathoa’s honor: a pallid crystal]

“Existence is dull without the blessing of sensation.”

[Some common Aphorisms… Feed Your Pain, By the Blood and the Mouth]
[Some recipes for cooking humans and other humanoids]

Please deliver to Montagnie Crowl, professor of antiquities at Lepidstadt University. My notes begin here – PL

  • I have few notes for this tome. This is a poor quality book, a copy of the original text but full of mistakes and several portions missing.
  • The copyist is unknown, and it is anyone’s guess whether the errors are deliberate to mislead.
  • Be careful of the covers!

Serving Your Hunger

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