Eulogy for Professor Lorrimor

Family, friends and companions…

We gather today in mourning, but also in gratitude. We mourn Petros Lorrimor’s death, but we are grateful for his life. We gather, also, conscious of the fact that in paying tribute to Petros Lorrimor, we celebrate greatness. When we think of his place in history, we think, inevitably, of the other giants of Knowledge and learning, and we think of the qualities of greatness, and what his were that made his unique among all.

The Professor was known across Golarion, and in places divided by culture, geography, or politics he was welcomed by all as a friend and honored guest. He was one of the few individuals who realized the importance of knowledge in all of its varying forms and sought its gifts for the sake of its wisdom rather than petty gain. Knowledge and experience broaden one’s understanding and grants an understanding of life’s true value.

Such a man as Petros, never content to keep his information alone and to himself, likewise could not help but share the adventures of his discoveries and invited others to join him in his travels. The Professor brought to him individuals from all places and walks of life, accepting all without issue or criticism, to follow him in exploring the mysteries of this world in hopes that others might share his joy and passion for life and its grandness.

A true teacher, Petros kept all his companions as close as family, valuing their service as well as their company and imparting on each his wisdom and praise. Many here surely recall countless adages and anecdotes laced with the Professor’s unique manner of instruction concerning this or that wrapped in pedantic minutiae or unlikely parables. Likewise as each of us recalls fondly those memories, he remembered all who he met, counting each as close companions never left behind or abandoned to disaster. Even after the passing of many years and long absences, the Professor reached out to remind us of the importance of half forgotten lessons, of our potential realized in heady adventures, and of our place in his heart and thoughts.

Petros Lorrimor was a man with a deep and abiding love for life born out of knowledge and discovery. He understood its importance and opportunities in determining our soul’s true calling. For as we pass Pharasma’s even-handed gaze we are pronounced based on our tendencies in life; not simply an arbitrary judgment towards a faceless punishment or reward, but to join in unity with the universe itself. It is we who, through our actions in life, comprise and shape Creation ….for good or for ill. Professor Lorrimor is gone. He has left us here while he continues his adventures in the great beyond, but we may honor him by living our lives, as the Professor did with his same eagerness and purpose.

Let us take this time to bow our heads and remember the professor as he was and recall fondly our time spent with him,

May Pharasma judge you favorably Professor…

Eulogy for Professor Lorrimor

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