Cooper Carrion Crown

Arrival in Lepidstadt

The schemes and intrigue of this land do not cease…

We have arrived at last in Lepidstadt through death and danger, leaving on dark revelation and almost immediately arriving on the threshold of a new one.

Against all odds as well as the dark will of those we hunt, the fallen crusader Arden survived our journey out of the Maidensnarl Forest to the city. I still believe the wiser path lay through the foothills of the Tusk Mountains and remain convinced that our passage through Tamrivena was noticed by whatever presence dwells there. While I and Ms. Tousand have been able to keep him relatively stable thus far it has been increasingly difficult after our “gracious” warning by the creature who undoubtedly leads expedition we follow. Despite not arriving in time to prevent the breakage of the seal or stop them from moving towards the next, we were visited by a strange projection warning us to stop our pursuit, lest a multitude of unfortunate fates befall us. The man whose image spoke must certainly be an undead creature of considerable power to emanate such power through a proxy and knows far more information about myself than I am comfortable with. In spite of my trepidation we have no choice but to continue, the Way must not be allowed to succeed in their efforts or all of Avistan will be endangered; with the threat of the Worldwound to the north, I do not know if the Inner Sea has the strength to repel the might of the Whispering Tyrant a second time.

The gravity of this threat, and the progress the Way has already made demand speed and an uncompromising mind to our pursuit. Idle dalliances with passersby or letting one’s compassion get in the way of the true threat provides only our enemies a greater chance at victory; the Whispering Way will be tireless in their efforts and we must be equally so if we are to stop them, we cannot allow our feelings to cloud our judgement.

Now it seems, there may be yet another fly caught in their web… No firm details have yet been given about this so called “Beast of Lepidstadt” but Justice Daramind suspects the Way’s involvement in the crime that led to its capture. The Beast stole an item from the University’s Department of Antiquities known as the Sea Sage Effigy, evidently an item imbued with magics of divination. If the way was involved, perhaps they required such an item to discern the location of another seal. It is too early to tell, and we have only two days to determine the truth. Even if this creature is innocent, it may still be undeserving of, or we may be unable to spare the time to prevent its execution. We will see…


PFDMCooper NickGuidotti

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