Located on the southern shore of Lake Encarthan, at the mouth of the Profit’s Flow River, Kerse is the capital city of the Kalistocracy of Druma and it’s largest city with approximately 18,300 citizens.

Matthias Hallows first met Professor Petros Lorrimor here approximately ten years ago. Together with Penion Greencoat and Lady Helena prevented a scandalous book of confessions falling into the hands of rival crime groups, The Nine and The Spyglasses. In so doing rescued Elena, daughter of Lord Graymarde from coming to harm.

Notable Organizations:

-The Nine: Local gang/crime syndicate. Currently under investigation by the City Watch. At odds with rival group, The Spyglasses.
-The Spyglasses: Local gang/crime syndicate led by Lady Maric. At odds with rival group, The Nine.


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