Eulogy for Isaac Desericus


We are gathered here today to lay to rest the body of Isaac Desericus, who gave his life selflessly in the service of his friends, aiding in the vanquishing of a great evil. Though we all knew him only briefly, in that time his loyalty, his conviction, and his quality of character is recognized by us all, for his noble integrity guided him just as strongly in the defense of a small Ustalavic town as atop the battlements of Vigil. Those here and elsewhere whose lives he saved mourn his passing.

But let not Isaac’s death be without meaning or message. He was a man of words as well and would write poems and stories to make sense of the world as he saw it. The creation of tales is a means of concentrating the experiences of life and purifying them into ideals or morals to aid our journey through it. In keeping with this practice, let us find the theme of Isaac’s tale; what does his life teach us about our own? His was certainly one of justice and law to be sure but more than that it was one of a man who valued the preservation and protection of life against forces that would destroy and corrupt it. Atop the battlements of Vigil, he remained alert and watchful against the undead hordes of Gallowspire, here in Ravengro, as a stranger he took action against an old evil vanquishing the spirit that was holding the souls of many innocents hostage, and in Harrowstone he gave his life destroying a powerful creature of undeath so that its corruption would not touch the lives in this town.

Therefore Isaac Desericus teaches and reminds us to value and protect all the gifts and experiences this life offers each of us and to remember what it requires to defend it.
May Pharamsa judge you well, Isaac

Eulogy for Isaac Desericus

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