Creepy Nursery Rhyme

It seems this has been sung “forever.”

According to rumor, all Ravengro children under the age of 13 seem to know this rhyme by heart and recall the song being sung since “forever”, children between 13 and 18 are hazy as to the recollection of the song and its words, those over the age of 18 do not know the song nor can recall it ever being sung.

Put her body on the bed
Take a knife and lop off her head

(The Lopper)
Watch the blood come out the pipe
Feeds the stirge, so nice and ripe

(The Piper of Illmarsh)
Drops of red so sparkly bright
Splatters spell her name just right

(The Splatter Man)
With a hammer killed his wife
Now he wants to claim your life

(The Mosswater Marauder)
Tricksy father tells a lie
Listen close or you will die

(Father Charlatan)

Creepy Nursery Rhyme

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