Whippoorwill Pendant

A simple symbol of Pharasma


Set on a fine silver chain, this simple charm depicts a whippoorwill in flight. This charm was given to Matthias Hallows by Professor Petros Lorrimor as a fine Manor house was burning to the ground, with the only clue to its value being spoken as the last words the young Pharasman priest would hear from his mentor- “Remember the whippoorwill.”


Death’s Messanger

According to some Ustalovic tales, Pharasma’s servents make their way through the world on the wings of whippoorwills. From their depthless onyx eyes to their unsettling calls, these small birds are the source of innumerable ominous superstitions. The most common legends say that whippoorwills linger near the dying, can snap up spirits like small bugs, and can cause the death of any who look into their lightless eyes. But the most unsettling tales pertain to those who slay such a bird, as they are said to inherit its morbid charge, spreading pestilence and sorrow wherever they go and ever being followed by the song of whippoorwills.

Whippoorwill Pendant

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