Matthias Hallows


A slim man whose dark hair is cut short and swept back revealing a shockingly pale complexion. His grey eyes watch you from within the dark shadows that surround them, as if he rarely gives in to rest or sleep. A dour expression marks his face as he observes the rest of you, showing neither sign of cheer or irritation to indicate his thoughts.

He wears a close fitting cassock, black with silver trim across the shoulders, waist, cuffs and bottom hem. Wrapped about his left wrist is a a silver chain upon which hands a small red hourglass and a metal image of a small bird. A strange curved dagger is fastened at his waist; the pommel is carved in the image of a woman’s head, her long hair flowing back behind her to form the grip of this dull grey blade.


A man whose past is a carefully guarded secret. Of his relationship to the professor, Matthias Hallows says only that he knew him many years ago when he was a young man and gave him aid and counsel when he was still newly initiated into the clergy.

His grim demeanor and dark pragmatism betray precious little of his own past however though his seemingly distant amoralism and wary glances to crowds may indicate more than he wishes to reveal.

Matthias Hallows

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