Evelyn Tousand


Evelyn is a young woman in her early twenties. She stands five and a half feet tall, but always stands with her back straight and her head held high. She appears taller than she actually is. Her hair is dark – black almost, except in the fullest of light when there appears a shimmer of warm chocolate brown streaks. Her skin is pale, a stark contrast to her hair. Her eyes are also light-colored, a pale blue. They would be beautiful except for the coldness in them; she seems sad and contemplative most of the time. If she is distracted she can be coerced into a good humor, but her eyes never lose that haunted look.

She wears her armor proudly, and keeps a deep shine on it always. She wears a tabard over the metal that displays a large symbol of the goddess Iomedae on the front, and her family’s crest on the back. She carries an ancient-looking longsword, that if examined closely, has her family’s crest on it, and also an engraving, “Honor, Family, Goddess.” She also carries another weapon – a dagger. She would tell you that it is called “The Reckoner” but would tell you nothing else of it. It is always carried on her belt, securely sheathed there. It is unlikely that it could be drawn easily, and something about it seems to suggest that it is connected to a weight she carries everywhere.

  • Personality (must work with deities, moral codes, background, player interaction, enemies, alignment):

Evelyn takes any task at hand very seriously. She never forgets the plight of her family, which prevents her from indulging in good cheer most of the time. However, she’s not stone-cold, and will celebrate when it is deserved. She always attempts to give everyone she meets the utmost respect, even if they don’t seem to merit or deserve it. If she meets someone who deals favorably with the undead, it would be very difficult to convince her to not strike them down on the spot. She is not foolhardy though, and will always remember that in order to save her family she must remain alive long enough to complete the goal.

  • Patron Deity(s): Iomedae.
  • 3 NPCs (at minimum provide name, race, age, class, alignment and relationship with you):

Tomas Tousand – Eldest brother, in his 30s, he is a paladin like most of the Tousands. He is often found at the Tousand home, and manages its day-to-day operation while Evelyn’s dad is on campaign – which is most of the time.

Alex and Remen Tousand – They are Evelyn’s twin brothers, also older than she is. They are ordained paladins, but have been away from the home for at least a year. Evelyn thinks that they have gone to the sunny nation of Cheliax to behave (innocently) but badly. They have actually gone there because they believe that the Tousand family has suffered enough, and that if they can make a deal with a few devils there it would be preferable to the curse they live under now. They both are severely conflicted about their decisions, and may not go through with it in the end.

Millana and Henry Tousand – Evelyn’s parents. They have been searching their entire lives fo a cure to the Tousand curse. Henry scarcely comes home, and if often following leads to various “cures.” They both are very devout followers of Iomedae, and believe that if they live their lives totally devoted to her then the goddess will cure their children of the curse. Unknown to any of the Tousand children, Millana and Henry Tousand are actually 1st cousins. It is a common practice in the Tousand family to marry close relatives, so the curse does not spread to other families. This is why the family practices arranged marriages, so the marriage can be done without alarming their children or affecting their status.

  • Quotes/parables/proverbs you live by: “Honor, Family, Goddess.”
  • Your heroes: Evelyn loves her father and looks up to him almost exclusively. She tries to emulate him in every way.
  • Character/Player Goals (short and long term, for you as well as your PC): Evelyn’s only goal is to cure her family of their curse. Eventually, if it seems impossible, she will call out to Iomedae and forswear anything and everything for some sort of cure, or the power to destroy the undead so they can have their rest. If all else fails – If Iomedae does not answer and Evelyn feels it is a do-or-die situation she will sacrifice her honor to pursue necromantic knowledge so that she could control her undead family so they will plague no one.
  • Why do you adventure? – To seek the answer to her goals above.
  • What irks you? – She dislikes when people act dishonorably, but will grudgingly accept that other people have different codes of honor than she does. She also hates when people take time to relax and celebrate unnecessarily, she values every minute of her time.
  • What do you value? – She admires people who are bold, and go after what they want with gusto. She can find it in her to admire those who always follow their honor code, even if she has to kill them for it later.
  • Do you work well with others? – As long as those around her do not posses necromantic tendencies she can find it in herself to find something to respect in everyone. Her father taught her to find value in everyone. She does have an initial distrust of arcane magic users, as she knows that many of them can control or raise undead.
  • Where do you call home? – The family home is just over the southern border of Ustalav and has been there for many hundreds of years.
  • What is your favorite food? – She appreciates a good stew, anything that is warm and filling.
  • What’s your approach to combat? – She has a level head while in combat and will only be reckless if there is a commander of undead involved. She will always attempt to rein herself in.
  • When faced with a challenge, how do you tend to react? – She will approach any challenge with gusto.
  • When you die, where will you go? – Sadly, she knows now that she is cursed to undeath. She hopes that Iomedae will save her.
  • Bright Destiny (Bright destiny is the happily ever after. It is the point where the player can happily retire the PC. “Happily married to Sue, the land safe from evil, wealthy and secure on my family’s reclaimed lands.”) – Her family’s curse is broken and she has cleared the ancestral home of her undead family.
  • Dark Destiny (Dark Destiny is the worst possible fate. It is the point where the player will discard the character as un-playable. “Permanently crippled, oathbroken and stripped of wealth and title.”) – The only way the character will be unplayable is if she is crippled. She will continue to pursue her goal even if Iomedae fails her and she has to become an anti-paladin. She will sacrifice her afterlife to give her family a better chance to rid themselves of the curse. She will not be able to continue with the party if a member uses necromantic magic, or if someone calls into question her family’s value or honor and is completely belligerent about it.
  • What are you afraid of? – She’s absolutely afraid of failure. And she’s secretly questioning why Iomedae hasn’t helped her family yet. Even though they have given the goddess generations and generations of paladins. She’s afraid of having to go to an extreme to achieve her goal.
  • What is one thing for which you would fight to the death? – Despite being a paladin, she would not fight to the death for anything unless it would result in getting a cure for her family. Due to her unique circumstance, unlike most paladins, she does not have a death wish, and does not ever plan on being a martyr.

Evelyn Tousand

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