Cooper Carrion Crown

Operation Vigilant Shadow - Report III

Field Operative XVII
Vigilant Shadow
Report III

Tousand, Evelyn encountered a strange occurrence, name in blood over Lorrimor, Kendra. Lorrimor was sleeping at time, unaware. Checked if magical, not conclusive. Tousand, Hallows and Desericus visited Temple of Pharasma. Exited looking better, probable cause for visit: healing needed for various ailments.

Subject, Vas Mana, Desericus and Hallows visited Unfurling Scroll. Conducted research into Harrowstone. History of prison. Events leading to its demise. Bartered access with Ghorovan, Alendru.

IMPERATIVE: Discovery of connection between Lorrimor, Petros and the Whispering Way. Information is scarce but connection seems overt.

REQUEST: Further agents at this post. Immediate. Mission potentially compromise. Outside of Operative’s jurisdiction.
REQUEST: Information as to procedure involving development. Contact must be made immediately.

Mysterious letters appearing in blood on the Harrowstone Memorial Statue. “E” appeared. (V-E-, have appeared thus far.)Subject, Desericus, VasMana and Tousand accompanied by Sheriff Caellar, Benjan.

IMPERATIVE: Reanimated body of Lorrimor, Petros assaulted the Lorrimor house. Tousand was incapacitated. Subject retaliated and split the husk in two. Questioning within group resulted. Argument ended agreeably. Strange song was sung by five children. Interrupted those inside Lorrimor estate. Group came to some realization. Will have to follow up on this and find more.

Second outing of Subject, VasMana, Desericus and Hallows resulted in finding Hephenus, Gibbs with small child. Gibbs was witnessed cutting the girl and writing an “S” on the monument. (V-E-S-) Child (Elkarid, Pelly) did not survive.

Surveillance ongoing.

“In the twilight, at the ready.”


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