Cooper Carrion Crown

Operation Vigilant Shadow - Report II

Field Operative XVII
Vigilant Shadow
Report II

Subject has been busy since last report. Often seen with companions wandering Ravengro proper. Appears to be attempting acclimation into Ravengro social circles. Inhabitants seem weary but are warming up to subject’s and certain companions.

Subject’s companions have been busy as well:
Hallows, (first name determined) Matthias attempted integration with local church, rebuked. Busy researching at Lorrimor estate.
VasMana, Mellic was forbidden to use his firearm within city boundaries, later ignored.
Desericus, Isaac gained short access to the Unfurling Scroll. Entered for short while but left.
Tousand, Evelyn accompanied VasMana to Hephenus, Gibbs home but was turned away.

Entire party entered a crypt. Went unseen for some time. Emerged later on with changed appearance. Dust, scratches, small fatigue. Bags and pouches heavier. Upon inspection crypt was false. Padlock on front was for appearance, false in nature.

Strange occurance witnesses. Bell’s sounds are not immediately heard. Lag time between ring and sound.
Pair of children seen singing a song in the mornings in front of Lorrimor estate. Lyrics attached, may be off. Uncovered that song is sung by most children before teenage years. Child becomes teen, forgets part of song. When child becomes adult, forgets song entirely.
Research on matter. Need to know possibilities. Contact with findings.

Surveillance ongoing.

“In the twilight, at the ready.”


PFDMCooper DCypel

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