Cooper Carrion Crown

Operation Vigilant Shadow - Report I

Field Operative XVII
Vigilant Shadow
Report I

Subject entered Ravengro. Procures room at The Outward Inn. Room 3; second floor, first door on the right. Places items and locks room. Travels to Lorrimor home to attend funeral. Greeted by female in armor, not battle ready. (Name is Evelyn Tousand) Enters home introduces self to members there. (Lorrimor, Kendra/ Hallows, first name not determined/ Desericus, Isaac) Later joined by stranger with Alkenstarian weapon, speaks with Varisian accent, unknown if it is a ploy. (Vas Mana, Mellic; ID’ed by personal affections upon inspection)

Subject declined to speak for Lorrimor. Distaste was palpable. Subject still unsure about reasons for attending. Attempted to stop potential harm by words. Did not work. Subject attempted to land a blow on assailant (Hephenus, Gibbs); missed. Was incapacitated by magic by member of the funeral party. Came away unharmed.

Subject attended Lorrimor’s will reading. Recieved task to deliver book assortment to Lepidstadt after thirty (30) days of staying in Ravengro. Books have to be inspected at next convenient notice. Unable to at this time.

Peculiar features around Ravengro proper. Feeling. Will determine nature with evidence at further date. Unnatural in essence, unable to document further.

Subject appears intent to follow lead on a “haunted” homestead and inspect Harrowstone prison.

Surveillance ongoing.

“In the twilight, at the ready.”


PFDMCooper DCypel

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