Cooper Carrion Crown

Harrowstone Exorcised...Final Night in Ravengro

It is done. The final spirit haunting Harrowstone prison has been vanquished, the ghost of the foul professor whose obsession with names nearly availed himself freedom for all the restless dead contained there from their captivity. Strange that, even in death he possessed the power to slowly drain strength and potency of the spirit of Warden Hawrkin’s wifewho still yet managed to keep them tenuously at bay within their confines. I am pleased that we were able to put her spirit to rest in a proper manner, to have her accept her fate willingly before Pharasma rather than foolishly attempting to mamifest on this plane as a pain-wrought caricature of her previous self.

Sadly our victory, which seemed so great at the time, soon became quite shallow as upon our return to Ravengro, evil and death continued to plague the unfortunate town. A new enemy seems to have presented herself, one I had been suspicious of for some time and it now seems that those suspicions were justified, though to a greater and far more terrible degree than I imagined. Both Father Grimburrow and Councilman Vashayn dreamt of Councilwoman Faravind attempting to seduce them…more than likely evidence of a spell or ritual attempting to dominate their minds for some nefarious purpose. She had left swiftly in the night, before our final return from Harrowstone, the only evidence of her passing being a carriage trail leading from her home. The others, deciding to venture inside, discovered some dark altar hidden under the stairwell containing a picture and letter from Evelyn’s absent husband Arden-evidently a paladin in service to the Dawnflower. The letter seems to indicate that she has manipulated this man to, out of love, perform evil in order to spare Ms. Tousand’s life (or possibly soul) and in order somehow to find a solution to the dark curse her line suffers from. It is a truly great evil indeed to trick one out of so noble a goal, into darkness; a measure indeed of this woman’s cunning and skills of deception. I am convinced she has connections to my homeland…and possibly knowledge of my own past their, and now it seems likely she is also allied with the organization responsible for the Professor’s death. If this is so I will make her pay for what she has done, and the crimes she has committed. Even after her departure, either her or her likely allies’ influence continued to attempt to cover their tracks. By the time of our departure from Ravengro, both Councilman Muricar and the Sherriff, among others were dead. The imprisoned Gibbs Hephanos was possessed by some spell or power in the Way’s arsenal and was left to die after his purpose had been fulfilled.

The town, understandably confused and panicked, as they were rounded up into the temple to protect against the seemingly random murders were made moreso as Mellic preached to them his sermon of fear, death, and betrayal. I watched with growing anger as he began to turn this group of scared villagers into a group of suspicious accusers, seeing evil in the eyes of their friends and enemies alike. I have seen it all too often, it is the first step towards the creation of a mob. If the people of Ravengro descend into such chaos out of the fear and danger which may yet still remain, Mellic will have done the Way’s work for them. I can only hope that the emissaries from Lastwall, who had arrived at last to gather the remains of Isaac Desericus, will hold true to their word and reputation to keep this town safe and secure from whatever evil still yet lurks here. Their Commander Talvan seemed already to have an inkling of the true threat at work in Ravengro, and saw clearly the importance of maintaining a presence once the others revealed to him the extent of the knowledge we have acquired.


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