Cooper Carrion Crown

Eve of the Trial

This trial begins tomorrow…two days we have spent running about gathering clues for the defense of this creature with no information of our own concerning the Whispering Way’s next location to show for it. I wonder if we our wasting our time here, it seems obvious that this “Beast” was merely a pawn in their game not that it will likely matter to the mob of people crying out for a pyre regardless of what evidence is laid before them. They are going to demand a scapegoat to sacrifice to their rage and ignorance, the same sad story even in this supposed place of learning.

Mr. Pilat nearly lost his life and his foot during our investigation in Herztag. While the presence of the powerful spirits there all but proves the Way’s involvement they always seem to be several steps ahead, and we have been unable to discern any definite clues illuminating their ultimate plan. Hopefully the remains that were recovered provide more answers and make our journey worth the danger and desecration of the grave that was disturbed.

It is interesting to note however the role this clay trinket played in overcoming the spirits in our path. It evidently holds a great deal of power though it does not radiate magic of any kind; perhaps against certain intelligent undead the symbolic connection or emotional imprint of a particular event may hold some sway over them. Similar emotional connections are responsible for the creation of some spirits…I will inquire at the temple about this.


PFDMCooper NickGuidotti

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