Cooper Carrion Crown

Deeper Into Harrowstone

This prison is larger than it appears from the outside, I had thought we would have finished our quest by now but we still press on through these endless halls, and without encountering another of the spirits yet. However, the day has not been without benefit-the aid of Father Grimburrow has once more proved invaluable to our efforts, as well as that of Isaac. Though unorthodox, his spirit still lends aid; perhaps after our task is done he may move on to his proper judgment.

Discovering that “Father” Charlatan visited Ravengro with a band of five Varisian “clergy” nearly sixty years ago is interesting though perhaps not surprising considering his crimes and the location of his incarceration. More intriguing however is his theft of church property from the town…I wonder why the stolen goods were not returned upon his capture; perhaps the fire occurred soon after his imprisonment. Though in retrospect, after our discoveries further in Harrowstone, I may have been incorrect in assuming the strange weights shackling his body were the church’s belongings, they do no good now to a vanquished spirit and should still be returned to a place where they can be made of use.

The haunting of this ruined prison is far stranger than I had thought. Even I have never heard of an animated crematory furnace lashing out against the living. Thankfully not all our encounters with the remnants of this place were deadly. The ghost of Warden Lyvar Hawkran’s wife, Vesoriana appeared to us and explained much of Harrowstone’s distant and recent history. Evidently the Whispering Way cultists somehow removed Lyvar’s spirit from his place of rest; an action that it seems allowed the five criminals to gain in strength. The inscriptions around the base of the building must hold some piece of the puzzle, I cannot believe I forgot my appointment with Ghorovin… it will be almost unbearable to have to deal with him now. Vesoriana tells that there were five cultists in number, four men and one woman, and that they indeed killed the Professor as I had suspected. She also informed us that she was taking up her husband’s mantle as warden of sorts, trying to contain the evil of the criminal’s spirits and that she was the key to vanquishing them once we had defeated their manifestations. While I am hesitant to accept the word or the aid of a member of the undead, I sense no lies in her words and her efforts are, I must confess, noble. It is at times easy to forget that the aim of a cleric of Pharasma is foremost to ensure the order of judgment applies to all; her aid in destroying these evil spirits may allow her to rest and proceed to whatever fate the Lady of Graves has in mind for her.

However, if we are to do this we must hurry, for she warned that one of the criminals was sapping her strength. Based on our early morning disturbances, the Splatter Man must be the one to blame, for he is but four letters (and therefore four days) away from completing her name, allowing the evils of Harrowstone free reign to terrorize and endanger the people of Ravengro. We were told of a vault containing the confiscated belongings of each of the criminals, and that their usage against them would aid us in our fight against them, though at the cost of a nameless danger that was unknown. We soon found the vault, containing, with a note attached to each penned by the Warden himself, the Lopper’s hand axe, Charlatan’s holy symbols, the Splatter Man’s spellbook, the Marauder’s hammer, and the Piper’s silver flute, as well as a portrait of Taldor’s Stavian I which while certainly quite valuable is surely to be reduced to tatters by the time we leave this accursed place.

We have made our way into the basement now…my magics are depleted for the day and we each have been wounded severely many times during this visit, at least I still have these wands of healing magic and we still have several potions left as well. Even still, I believe we must turn back soon as these items will not last forever. We are proceeding south down a tunnel labeled “The Nevermore”, I see a corpse slumped over in one of the rooms, it looks…like a dwarf.


PFDMCooper NickGuidotti

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