Cooper Carrion Crown

A Rising Threat

6 Gozreh
Events in Ravengro continue to hinge on the strange and suspicious. To most this town would appear dull and uninteresting, perhaps most of the time it is however I feel a tension in the air, a nameless threat hovers over this place drawing ever nearer like the Boneyard’s baleful moon. Experience tells me these townspeople will not warm to our presence in light of this, but will hunt us out of fear and anger unless sufficient proof or force be gathered to check them; most do not yet feel its menace but soon… We must investigate Harrowstone as soon as possible.
I visited Father Grimburrow on Fireday, to seek entry into the church’s library in order to research the supposed “tools” the Professor spoke of in his diary for “dealing with” the Whispering Way. I was shocked and affronted to be denied access due to my lack of citizenship to the town. Such claims are certainly not standard practice and I suspect them in fact to be at least partially fabricated. Grimburrow claimed that the majority of the library’s holdings contained classified information concerning documents on many key figures and practices crucial to Ravengro. He informed me that due to my station within the church that he would make exception provided I return the next day after the library had been adequately censored.
Meanwhile the others, with exception of Mr. Desericus, who wished to investigate the local magical academy the Unfurled Scroll, traveled the town with Kendra receiving basic information about Ravengro and its people. Kendra must indeed be well liked among the people for somehow the lot of them ended up sharing dinner with Councilman Muricar… I observed his Wealday Chronicles while returning from the church, rumors all but interesting nonetheless; vague hearsay concerning some intrigue in the capital over an alleged elixir of youth as well as ghost tales involving a haunted site known as the Saffron House.
While the others, especially Mellic and Mr. Whitman, drank with the Councilman I instead perused the Professor’s study, surprised to find that he replaced much of his collection of books with tomes containing information about the Whispering Way. There are so many volumes that I could not research as much as I wished that night, instead cataloguing them all to be read later. I was however to discover information which illustrated the gravity of this organization’s involvement here. If the Professor’s sources are accurate the teachings of the Whispering Way are responsible for the rise of Tar-Baphon himself, making their existence almost four thousand years old if the Whispering Tyrant was able to prepare for his return in life. The fact that this cabal has existed for so long in secret makes me all the more suspicious, for when they returned, the others informed me of much they had learned from the Councilman-mostly information concerning the history of the town and how it relates to Harrowstone (I wonder if Muricar would know much of the history and character of the others on the council, it would be helpful to know what to expect from the government of our hosts…) There also was a bard by the name of Stern Urden who revealed his knowledge of the Whispering Way! No tavern entertainer should have any such awareness, even a well traveled collector of lore…we should be wary of him, though I am unsure if the rest share in my suspicions.
The following day, waking again to that disturbing children’s song, itself further evidence of the sinister nature underlying Ravengro due to its strange connections with the ages of the town’s children, I was unable to concentrate on my meditations I had intended to pray in the church, as I had further business with Father Grimburrow to ask him of the lacerations within the Professor’s mouth. As I started to leave however, the entire manor began to smell of smoke as if an inferno raged around us! Searching the house and finding nothing, I checked on the state of the books we are charged with delivering, the Midnight Lord’s tome was again filled with life. Given the book’s fiery history I was sure this phantom blaze to be evidence of the curse it was rumored to possess. Furthermore, the cut Evelyn received on the edges of that “other” volume developed an infection which I was unable to treat. As if such events were not enough, the local sheriff arrived to investigate our involvement in the defacement of the Harrowstone Memorial the night before, which was vandalized with a bloody “V”. After deterring him, at least for the moment, denying our involvement with any criminal activity, I took both of my tome-stricken companions with me to the church, Father Grimburrow confirmed my fears and promised to treat them both the next day (I told them all not to touch those books!!).


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